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Comedor Santa Clara de Asís

Hermanas Franciscanas de la Encarnación

We, the Franciscan Sisters of Incarnation, are a community of sisters who consecrated their lives to follow the evangelical precepts of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, imitating Jesus, the Holy Virgin Mary, and our founders, Saint Francis and Saint Clara of Assis.   We are called to live the spirituality of Our Seraphic Father Saint Francis who loved poverty and trusted the Divine Providence unconditionally.   We are born under the light of the Holy Spirit and live our spirituality which is "To Incarnate the Word in our life and to help our brothers do it as well by means of preaching and providing social work."   Our lifestyle is contemplative and active, as only that way can we give fruit in our lives for the work we do.   We, the Franciscan Sisters of Incarnation, consecrate our lives to the Lord, taking Christ as our husband as he is the only and perfect model of charity, and we express our filial devotion to the Holy Virgin Mary, loyalty to the Holy Father, renouncing all that may keep us away from our love of Christ. We welcome our brothers assisting them in their spiritual and physical needs, so that one day not too distant they may come to feel free, responsible, able to acquire their own identity. We also help with the Sacramental preparations.   The Sister gives herself through her religious profession, temporarily or permanently, and she places herself at God's service as well as her brothers' in a very special way: evangelizing, providing Christian education, social works, children's diner, sewing and beauty school, to help the young and adults to better themselves.   The Sisters of Incarnation, because they dedicate their lives to God as well as to His supreme love, are seeking to obtain the perfection of charity, looking always for His sanctification in the sanctity of the Church, living daily the Holy Eucharist, meditating on the Holy Word and praying the Liturgy of the Hours.   The young woman who may feel the call of the Lord to consecrate her life by joining the Sisters of Incarnation, may contact the founder:   Sister: Juana Angela Garcia M. Noviciado Santa Clara de Asis Telf. 2772 - 1880 Cel.  8412 - 2736   Or with the Superior General Sister: Maria Cristina Medina Telf:  2772 - 7121
Matagalpa, Nicaragua
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